FUREGA, with the  European Society for Swallowing Disorders (ESSD), has organized a campaign with the aim of improving awareness and knowledge of oropharyngeal dysphagia and of its prevalence among the general public.


Free diagnostic sessions

One of the activities of the campaign is to offer free diagnoses. Anyone who thinks they may have a swallowing disorder will be able to contact one of the many centres that will be equipped to offer diagnostic sessions.

These diagnostic sessions have a twofold objective:  to facilitate diagnosis for people who suspect they may have dysphagia,  and to provide training in the MECV-V screening method to interested health professionals in each centre. Diagnosis and training will be free to everyone.

Interested centres should send an email to:  info@furega.com

Cookery workshops

Free cookery workshops are offered, mainly aimed at caregivers, that demonstrate how to prepare foods to the different textures and viscosities required to avoid swallowing difficulties and how to ensure a balanced diet in patients with dysphagia.

Collaborating organizations